Grief & Trauma

“Out of suffering have emerged the strongest souls; the most massive characters are seared with scars.” Kahlil Gibran

No one is immune to grief and trauma.
Either, or both, can sneak up on you anytime, anywhere.

When life falls apart, there is nowhere to hide.
You feel naked and raw; there is no salve for the pain.

No one will ever know the magnitude of your suffering.
It is your calling, and within that calling is the need to be witnessed and honored.

There’s an inherent need to be seen, heard, carried and supported.
Sharing your vulnerability is essential.

Desperation, devastation and anger can be imminent.

Words cannot and will not capture your loss, your grief or your rage.

If you don’t share your agony, it becomes harder to breathe.

Having a witness allows you to courageously release the grip of trauma.

Compassionate care is essential to finding any semblance of peace.

Trying to make sense of your experience is impossible. Have mercy on yourself.

Sometimes trauma is passed down over generations … so what you are experiencing may not even be from a direct experience.

There’s no time frame for grieving; the process will unfold.

Your sacred being is unharmed by your suffering. There’s wisdom awaiting beneath your wounds.

As your witness, I reflect your own light back to you.

I bow to the deep vulnerability required to let your heart and your belly be soft again.

“Grief calls us to open our heart in hell. Approaching with mercy and lovingkindness that which we have always withdrawn from in fear, judgment, doubt, and distrust, there arises the possibility for the healing of a lifetime.”
Stephen Levine