“Deborah has the striking ability to see inner chaos as a positive and powerful force. Now, that’s a game-changer!”
ACL, web designer, Portland, OR

“Thank you for being there for us today. Invaluable. Priceless. I really appreciate the time, sacred space, loving care, heart-felt guidance and deep wisdom that you offered.” SW, self-made-man, Williams, OR

“There should be words more powerful than “thank you.” I had such a profound experience with you. We covered more ground in one session than years of therapy had achieved. You are a mystic puzzle solver; the way you drew together the strands of my story and saw the energetic picture was incredible. The insights that opened-up are the seeds and the saplings to genuine freedom in my life. A gift beyond measure! Thank you for validating my knowing and encouraging me to trust my deep guidance and helping me ask the ego mind to step aside and let my heart lead. We are a ‘heart first’ operation!” CJ, entrepreneur, Sydney, Australia

“You are so incredibly perceptive – you ‘got me’ 100%. I have only experienced that feeling of being so understood once before in my life. You have no idea how profoundly moving and healing our sessions have been! I just think you are awesome – I was so struck by your ability to hone in on things and by how honest and open you are. Your willingness to share your own pain and struggles also meant a great deal to me. So, I just want to tell you that I’m so glad to have found you and that I cannot wait to work with you again and again! 
Thank you! Thank you!!”
EG, Psy.D psychologist, Englewood, New Jersey

“Deborah has a very unique ability to get to the root of a person’s pain and glide them up and over the issue into true transcendence.”
MJ, Professional Photographer, Butte, Montana

“Deborah’s ability to tap into the greater collective consciousness for guidance and information is remarkable to witness. She doesn’t come with an agenda; she remains open to what feels right and what comes forward in the moment.”

“You welcomed me in my wholeness and accepted all that I am in such a gracious way. Your soft and gentle manner of handling such deep issues and feelings is remarkable. Thank you for caring at such a deep level. What I am taking away from our experience is the opportunity to challenge some of my beliefs and be more playful. I am with enormous gratitude from my open heart.”
SD, Life Coach, Sedona, AZ

“Deborah has an amazing ability to intuitively follow the thread down to the heart of the issue to release. The essence of what people take away from working with her is the clearing of the limiting subconscious patterns and beliefs that keep them from living their fullest potential and happiness. I highly recommend her work.”
SM, Writing & Creativity Coach, Camp Meeker, CA

“I can truly feel freedom for the first time in my life and it feels awesome. You are deeply skilled and talented as a healer. I appreciate your ability to tune in to me and create just the right words and tone that I needed to shift. It was a powerful release for me and it gave me the tool to get through the wall I had built up over my lifetime. Thank you again and again.” TM, Washington

“In working with her clients, Deborah Fox is focused and sensitive. She catches the subtle signs of suppressed conflicts, matters of which the client is unaware, brings them into the understanding, and assists the client in eliminating blocks and being aware of the truth. Deborah is a dedicated healer, and I would recommend her as one who can help the individual find true healing.” FM, actress/author, Ashland, OR

“Deborah is truly connected to Source. Light energy flows from her body, mind and heart. I now resonate with a higher energetic vibration. Deborah has been a wonderful support of love and caring during difficult times.”

“Deborah is truly a gift to the world. The tone of her voice is incredibly soothing and reassuring as she helps remind me of my truth in a sincerely deep and compassionate way. I have enormous gratitude for what she has taught me.” CD, aesthetician, Talent, OR

“My experience while working with Deborah was one of great honoring and safety as
I worked on my intense fear of rejection. My acceptance of myself grew as my fear quickly began to decrease and then disappear. Deborah’s professional and completely accepting space that she held for me allowed me to end with a smile, a deep full breath, and a new sense of FREEDOM! Working with Deborah was a true blessing to me. Thank you for being such a beautiful spirit of love and light and service to others!
I am honored to know you.”
CJM, Salem, Oregon

“Deborah is one of the most intuitive and kindest people I have ever met. She has a unique ability to feel into a person and ask the right questions to quickly arrive at the deep rooted energetic cause of a perceived problem. She takes the necessary time to create a sacred space and a connection between hearts.  Then, as her insightful questions reveal the energy blocks, she utters a combination of words in a voice which is compelling and produces an energy which is both powerful and transformational in its effect. When combined with her natural empathy and sense of the divine within us, the results are life-changing.”
BJ, Energy Coach, Vancouver, BC, Canada

“How to thank you … You were in your brilliance this morning. I felt completely loved and safe in my vulnerable state. You facilitated it all so perfectly. I truly felt that it was the God in you, your Divine Essence at work. I appreciated the nudges when you noticed that I was going to my mind and out of my heart. I sense that you are good at recognizing that because perhaps that has also been one of the tricks you have used to get through things that cause constriction. All of even our most painful things serve us in being the best “us” and give us gifts to offer others. Thank you again for your light. I see that you are also a bringer of the dawn of the New Earth.
May you see your beauty as I do. You are love. Namaste.”
SC, nurse/alternative medicine practitioner, Traverse City, MI